• James Butler

Best Practice in the Early Years

Alistair is a bit of a celeb in the Early Years world. His accessible and humorous conferences are as enjoyable as they are insightful. I love going to see Mr Byce-Clegg speak and I would encourage everyone to take a look at his website and book yourself on a course.


Anyway, the book. It's a good read. Alistair's humour really carries over into his writing. This makes the book an incredibly enjoyable read and even the dry stuff is made fun.

The book is filled with instantly actionable little titbits for your setting and gives a wealth of examples of how the things in the book have been applied successfully in the past. I was really interested in look wellbeing in my setting when I first read this book in 2015. Following Alistair's suggestions I ended up introducing a whole school wellbeing initiative and completed my MA dissertation on this topic. So, impact.

The level of theory in this book is also a real strength. I would highly recommend using it as a jumping off point to further reading. Alistair name drops a lot of relevant experts in each chapter and further reading is definitely recommended.

Buy the book! It's good!

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