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Don't Test My 4 Year Old!

Updated: May 12, 2020

If you are a parent of a child starting school in September, your child may be taking part in the nationwide Reception Baseline Assessment.

This is a test administered by a unfamiliar member of school staff, one to one with your child. The test exists exclusively to provide data for the government. It will not tell us anything about your child and will reduce the amount of time we have available for settling your child into their new school.

I, like many other teachers, parents and academics, do not believe this is in the best interests of children.

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If you wish to opt your child out of these tests, it is important that you inform your school as soon as possible.

By now you should have confirmed your place for September. I have written a template letter below which you may choose to email to your school's Headteacher.

I would be interested to hear what, if any, responses you receive.

Dear Headteacher and Early Years Leader

I'm writing to inform you that I do not wish for my child to take part in the national Reception Baseline Assessment.

I do not believe that the Department for Education have clarified, to my satisfaction, how the test will be administered and processed. I am also concerned about how the data will be stored and who may have access to it in the future.

I have no problem with my child taking part in the school's usual assessment processes. I know that your assessments will inform the amazing practice my child will enjoy in your school.

To clarify, my child and I do not consent to taking part in the national Reception Baseline Assessment. I hope you can understand and respect my decision.

Yours sincerely


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