• James Butler

Kindness Matters

Kindness Matters is a real labour of love for Mr John Magee. He is on a mission to bring more kindness into this world and his book serves as a template for you to bring more kindness into your life. John gives personal examples of times when he gives out kindess and how others have shown kindness themselves. The book itself is a very approachable read. It is written in an almost conversational style and is as funny as it is challenging.

I say challenging because it really is. I was asking myself after every page what was I doing wrong? Why am I not displaying kindness in every part in my life? Why is it taking me reading this book to feel this way?

If you want a book that will really make you think about how you live and really challenge you to review your levels of kindness, I would highly recommend it.

His Instagram is fab too, give it a follow.


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