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Planning in the Moment with Young Children

So I'm reading this at the moment.

This book is having a hugely profound on my practice at the moment. Probably actually the most profound impact by any text for a very long time.

Anna Ephgrave has written so eloquently about her practice previously in her books

The Nursery Year in Action

The Reception Year in Action

Year One in Action

This book however takes a different approach. One thing that Anna talks about in her books is how she plans. She advocates 'In The Moment Planning', a system by which the child leads the practitioner with their learning and the practitioner follows and uses their knowledge of the child to apontspontane plan teachable moments. I'm sure I'm massively bastardising her theory there but it's my takeaway.

In this book Anna goes significantly further in breaking down what 'In The Moment Planning' actually is and how it looks in the practical setting. This book beautifully links theory to practice in a very accessible way without becoming preachy. Anna really works hard to ensure that you are never coming out of a chapter without something really practical that you can apply to your practice.

For me, I would strongly recommend giving this book your time. I think this could be the Bible for how we look at primary planning going forward and gives us a blueprint for reducing teacher workload in a tangible way.

Give it a read!

Planning in the Moment with Young Children: A Practical Guide for Early Years Practitioners and Parents https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/113808039X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_DSPdCbX884KFB

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