• James Butler


As we all know, the EYFS requires each member of staff to have appropriate supervision meetings with a member of the management team. All too often, settings confuse this with performance management and therefore fall foul of the approach.

Aaron Bradbury has written a handy little booklet that will transform your EYFS supervision meetings. 'Early Years Supervision: A Practitioners Guide' is an easy read that will support you in achieving a solid supervision ethos in your setting.

Aaron's handbook gives pointers to both the manager and the practitioner, addressing the responsibilities of both parties. This is something I'd certainly share with my team in the future.

The book also contains a number of high quality proforma that'll help you make the most of your supervision meetings.

Reading Aaron's book has helped me gain a much fuller understanding of exactly what the supervision meeting process involves. I would highly recommend it and cannot wait to see what else is coming in the series.

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