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The Tricky First Week: Day 2

Updated: Aug 30, 2019


I got about 2 hours sleep at home before getting back to the hospital at around 10. Sophie had been with B in NICU for all but an hour of the ‘night’.

The doctor gave us an update when I arrived. B's lungs were now clear of fluid and they weren't going to x-ray her again as she was breathing, and crying, fine. She was crying! So loud! She was being given fluids but was not allowed to feed for her first 24 hours. The doctor also said that the blood tests they had done required more investigation but she was happy for B to be moved from an incubator to a cot.

I managed to get Sophie back to ICU. She ate and slept for about 30 minutes before we were called back to NICU. B was screaming the place down and we could feed her now. Sophie had a crack at breast feeding but B needed topping up with some formula.

The doctors revisited us and explained that B’s bloods were positive. Her sodium levels were good, the oxygen levels were great but her protein levels showed signs of infection.

Basically your body produces certain proteins to combat viral and bacterial infection. Levels of 0-10 are considered low. 10-40 is at risk. 40-200 is high. 200+ oh fuck! (I'm sure there are medical people who could correct this but this is what google told me).

B was at 40. This really scared me. I've been reading lots about Strep-B in the run up to birth and my cousin Oliver suffered from Meningitis as a baby. So my mind went there, even though the doctors assured us it could just be her body tackling inflammation. They started her antibiotics but explained the risks of renal failure and deafness associated with using this at such a young age. Scary shit!

Anyway, B was now in a cot and Sophie was moved down to Yellow ward. This was a bit of a pain. B and Sophie basically needed each other every hour but Sophie couldn't walk and had to be in her own room for treatment. Basically a lot of wheeling and pushing, magical moments of bonding and a shit tonne of tests and drugs for the both of them.

The consultant visited us, regarding Sophie, in the evening. He was happy with her recovery and said she would be in hospital for at least 5 days. She would require a concoction of low grade painkiller, antibiotics, stomach injections, iron tablets and fibre gels but no blood transfusion. She was on the mend.

We went to visit B and were informed her protein levels were down to 36. We enjoyed several hours together as a family before parting for the night. Sophie was near enough ordered to snatch sleep as they would be calling her down to NICU to feed B. I went home, we wanted Sophie to sleep between feeds.

Edit: I forgot to say that on the way home I went to Tesco. Sophie needed some underwear, B needed more onesies and more nappies. The clothing section was closed but the guys at Tesco Bursledon were amazing and looked after me. They helped me found what I needed and made sure that I was ok before letting me leave. Yeah I was a bit knackered and upset SO WHAT IM A MODERN MAN lol

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